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Ivory Rubber Dam Clamps - Molar Wingless

Ivory Rubber Dam Clamps - Molar Wingless
Product description:
Available in various sizes and shapes. Each Ivory clamp is die-cut, heat treated, tempered and individually hand-set to ensure high performance. This is how we guarantee the high performance of the stainless steel clamps and confident fixation of the rubber dam.

Clamps - Molar, Wingless Quantity
W3 Small lowers (KZ50057522)
W4 Small upper (KZ50057524)
W5 Large upper (KZ50057526)
W7 General purpose lower, square teeth (KZ50057528)
W8 General purpose upper, round teeth (KZ50057534)
W8A Upper & lower molar root (KZ50057536)
W14 Partially erupted (KZ50057554)
W14A Large partially erupted (KZ50057556)
W56 Large molar (KZ50057568)
26N Universal upper (KZ50057728)
28N General purpose lower molar (KZ50057732)

Category: Kulzer
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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 19 February, 2018.

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