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Venus Diamond Flow Syringe

Venus Diamond Flow Syringe
Product description:
An increasing number of dentists prefer flowable composites for very easy placement of minimally invasive restorations. Hence we have developed Venus Diamond Flow: a flowable nano-hybrid composite to help you create beautiful, long-lasting restorations.

Easy and convenient to use: The flowable, thixotropic consistency makes it highly versatile, offering ideal handling characteristics for class V restorations, amongst other indications.
Combines high flexural strength with minimal shrinkage stress. Its excellent radiopacity ensures a reliable diagnosis.
Wide range of shades and adapts to the surrounding hard tooth substance.
Outstanding polishability and a permanent lustre guarantee truly beautiful, long-lasting restorations.

1 x 1.8g Syringe.

Venus Diamond Flow Syringe Refil Quantity
A1 (KZ66040354)
A2 (KZ66040355)
A3 (KZ66040358)
A3.5 (KZ66040359)
A4 (KZ66040360)
B3 (KZ66040362)
HKA2.5 (KZ66040357)
HKA5 (KZ66040361)
Opaque Medium OM (KZ66040363)
Opaque Baseliner (KZ66041052)
Incisal Clear CL (KZ66040364)
Bleach Xtra-Light BXL (KZ66040365)

Category: Kulzer
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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 14 February, 2018.

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