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Composite Instruments

Composite Instruments

Options Quantity
1. Combination of paddle and rounded condender tip. (SCMCT1)
10. Blade type universal use (SCMCOM11)
12. Blade type, curved for universal use (SCMCOM12)
13. Corn type for occlusal use (SCMCOM13)
2. For placement and contouring (SCMCT2)
3. For proximal contouring and occlusal shaping (SCMCT3)
4. For placement and shaping (SCMCT4)
5. For placement and shaping (SCMCT5)
6. For placement contouring (SCMCT6)
7. For placement and contouring (SCMCT7)
8. For condensing and contouring (SCMCT8)
9. For gingival margin areas (SCMCT9)

Category: Instruments
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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 04 December, 2010.

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