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Accurate VPS Fast

Accurate VPS Fast
Product description:
Available in:
Light Fast - Wash Material 2 x 50ml + 12 Mixing tips
Medium Fast - Regular Body, 2 x 50ml + 12 Mixing tips
Heavy Fast - Heavy Body, 2 x 50ml + 4 Mixing tips & Heavy Body, 380ml Cartridge + 10 Mixing tips

Accurate is an addition curing vinly polysiloxane (VPS) elastomeric correction impression material of low viscosity.

Reline impressions
Crown/bridge work
Inlays, onlays

Characteristic Advantages
Excellent flow properties
Extra hydrophilic
High detail reproduction
Bubble free
Exceptional dimensional stability
Easy removal from mouth

Select Quantity
1. Light Fast (IMALF02010)
2. Medium Fast (IMARF02012)
3. Heavy Fast (IMAHF02013)
4. Heavy Fast, 380ml Cartridge + 10 Mixing tips (IMAHF02113)

Category: Impression
Retail Price:

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 19 March, 2010.

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