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MiniStripper Strips

MiniStripper Strips
Product description:
Compact Interproximal Stripping System.
Safety & Control at your fingertips.
Designed by an Orthodontist.

- Small size provides control and stability in tight spaces
- Compact size is safer to use than other interproximal stripping devices
- Variety of strip sizes for every interproximal stripping need
- Easy to use - different strips can be switched out in seconds
- Strips are available as single-sided or double-sided providing precise stripping of intra-arch space
- All kit components are autoclavable up to 275 degrees Farenheit / 135 degrees Celsius
- Stainless steel construction

Stainless Steel Strips = 10/pack
Diamond Strips = 5/pack
Micro Saw Strips = 5/pack

MiniStripper Quantity
6.0mm Single-Sided Stainless Steel 0.10mm thick (T54304)
4.0mm Single-Sided Stainless Steel 0.10mm thick (T54305)
6.0mm Double-Sided Stainless Steel 0.16mm thick (T54309)
4.0mm Double-Sided Stainless Steel 0.16mm thick (T54310)
6.0mm Single-Sided Diamond 0.15mm thick (T54306)
6.0mm Micro Saw Strips (T54307)

Category: Ortho Technology
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 10 July, 2018.

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