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Universal Torque Wrench

Universal Torque Wrench
Product description:
Optimise the tightening of your prosthetic constructions in total safety.The success of the implant treatment depends on the precise tightening of the parts placed directly on the impant. A pre-stressed tightening of the screw will help avoid any risk of screw loosening. Also, high tightening torques may lead to screw fracture. A calibrated tightening can only be guaranteed through the use of a precision instument offering a torqu control system. The dynamometrical manual wrench Torq Control® has been specially designed by anthogyr to meet those requirements.

Universal Torque Wrench
• Recommended with any type of impants

High Precision
• Perfect control of torque
• 7 torques values: 10/15/20/25/30/32/

Optimum Security
• Automatic declutching
• Prevent the screw from loosening and fracture

Ergonomic Design
• Lightweight for a better freedom of movement: only 135g!
• Optimised access in mouth thanks to the micro-head
• 100° angulated micro-head for easy access in mouth (posterior areas)

• High precision design and manufacturing

Easy Maintenance
• It can withstand sterilisation (in an autoclave at 135° C)
• One piece design with smooth surface to limit bacterial retention

Product code: (15501)
Category: Equipment
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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 07 July, 2010.

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