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TDV Unimatrix R System

TDV Unimatrix R System
Product description:
Preformed sectional matrix system for class II retorations with reinforced rings.

One of the biggest challenges faced during class II cavity restoration, even for the most experienced dentists, is to create a tight proximal contact point with natural tooth anatomy and contour.

- Fast to set and promotes easiness in the reconstruction of the perfect contact point.
- 15 degree angle allows the perfect adaptation of the tips to the occlusal-cervical height, with no influence of the adjacent tooth height.
- Triangular silicone tips are more anatomical, allows perfect adaptation of the matrices.
- The convex sectional matrices have the ideal hardness and thickness to prevent deformation during installation and come in 3 sizes for perfect contour and natural anatomy of the tooth.

Hard - Blue, more pressure and dental separation.
Soft - Pink, less pressure and dental separation.

Unimatrix R Kit includes:
- 50 x assorted matrices
- 2 x rings (1 Hard, 1 Soft)
- 8 x triangular silicone tips

Unimatrix R Quantity
Unimatrix R Kit (RUM5124)
Unimatrix R Hard, 1 piece (RUMRHARD)
Unimatrix R Soft, 1 piece (RUMRSOFT)
Unimatrix R Refill, 50 Assorted Matrices (RUMR50)
Triangular Silicone Tips, 20/pack (RUMRT20)

Category: Restorative
Retail Price:

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 31 May, 2018.

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