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PremierAir Instruments

PremierAir Instruments
Product description:
- Easily maintain sharpness
- Apply less pressure
- Fewer strokes needed

PremierAir Quantity
Columbia 4L/4R (P1004651)
Columbia 13/14 (P1004652)
Gracey 1/2 (P1004660)
Gracey 3/4 (P1004661)
Gracey 5/6 (P1004662)
Gracey 7/8 (P1004663)
Gracey 11/12 (P1004665)
Gracey 13/14 (P1004666)
McCall 13S/14S (P1004671)
McCall 17S/18S (P1004672)
Nebraska 128 (P1004680)
NV1 Anterior (P1004681)
NV2 Posterior (P1004682)
NV4 Sickle (P1004684)
Barnhart 5/6 (P1004679)
Jacquette 34/35 (P10046686)
H-204 S (P1004687)
H5/33 Sickle (P1004688)
H6/H7 Sickle (P1004689)
U15/30 Sickle (P1004693)
U15/33 Sickle (P1004693)
137 Sickle (P1004695)
204 S (P1004696)
H-204 SD Distal (P1004697)

Category: Instruments
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 26 November, 2019.

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